It's all in the details ...

... for stress free group travel.

If you have a group of 10 or more - family, friends, common interest, organization or a corporate group ready to travel - allow me to take the hassle out of organizing your trip.

I provide expert guidance, personalized attention, and logistical support to ensure a memorable and enjoyable journey. I can even tag along to host and keep everyone in line!

Here's how I can help:

  1. Consultation and Understanding: Let's chat so I can understand your preferences, and budget. This step involves identifying the purpose of travel, desired destinations, travel dates, group size, accommodation preferences, transportation needs, and any special requests or considerations.

  2. Itinerary Development: I'll create a comprehensive itinerary that outlines the travel logistics, including transportation arrangements, accommodation options, sightseeing activities, dining options, and any additional services required. I'm sure to take into account the group's interests, budget, and time constraints, aiming to provide a well-rounded and balanced travel experience.

  3. Transportation and Accommodation Arrangements: I'll arrange transportation, whether it's booking flights, chartering buses, arranging car rentals, or coordinating other modes of travel. I'll also handle accommodation arrangements, securing hotel rooms, rental properties, or contracted group stays at resorts, depending on the group's preferences, requirements and budget.

  4. Logistics Management: I can manage the logistical aspects, such as coordinating airport transfers, ensuring timely departures and arrivals, arranging group activities, coordinating meals, and providing necessary support during the trip. I can also assist with obtaining passports, travel insurance, and other travel-related documentation as needed.

  5. Group Discounts and Negotiations: I leverage my industry connections and expertise to negotiate group discounts and benefits on your behalf using my established network and host relationships with airlines, hotels, and other service providers to secure competitive prices and additional perks for the group.

  6. Customer Support: Throughout the planning process and during the trip, you have my ongoing support; addressing any concerns, answering queries, and providing assistance to ensure a seamless experience. You can always reach out 24/7 in case of any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

  7. Optional Add-Ons and Activities: To enhance the group travel experience, we can consider activities and excursions that can be included in the itinerary such as guided tours, cultural experiences, adventure activities, team-building exercises, or special events and parties tailored to the group's interests and preferences.

Whether it's a corporate event, educational tour, family vacation, or a group of friends going on an adventure, my group travel services aim to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Fees apply to groups and are privately quoted.