The Caviar Isn't Free

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As in most industries, a fee simply protects and rewards the integrity of my time and research for your fantastic journeys.


Quote Deposit - $50

Payable at Request. Refundable Upon Booking

  • Pre-Determined Destination Travel and Hotel Bookings
  • Travel Packages
  • Cruise, River Cruise and Yacht Travel

Non-Itinerary Bookings

Includes research, quote, booking and monitoring.

  • Domestic Flights Only - $20 Per Traveler
  • International Flights Only - $45 Per Traveler
  • Activities and Excursions Only - $50 Per Group 1-10

Customized Itineraries

Includes fully customized itinerary and bookings for your destination(s) including: flights, trains, transportation, transfers, car rentals, hotels, activities, park tickets, city guides, restaurant recommendations, trip monitoring.

  • Solo Traveler - $150
  • Small Group 2-5 Travelers - $250
  • Group 5+ - $500
  • Destination Wedding Parties - $750
  • Corporate, Hosted Group and Affinity Travel - Privately Quoted

**Commissions are earned and paid by the destination providers to which you travel. This does not impact the cost of your trip as they are included in the net price with or without an agent. And, my pricing is better. No commissions are earned for city guides, restaurant reservations or trip monitoring.